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Dressage Arena finally ready for use

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Dressage Arena at Respite Farm

Dressage Arena at Respite Farm

After a year of on-again off-again work, the dressage arena is complete.

What started in December of 2012 and continued in March of 2013 is now ready for some serious riding.

Derek Trimingham, owner of Tractor Works Arenas, picked up where Davis Construction left off. Derrick fixed the drainage issues around the perimeter of the arena by putting in swales to prevent rainwater from washing into the arena as well as to allow the rainwater to run off the site.

He then packed in six inches of gravel dust as the base and 1 1/2 inches of kyanite sand as the riding surface.

Laura has reported that Bella (her horse) has already shown progress in key dressage movements due to the condition of the arena. Laura hopes to teach other dressage riders and train other horses in the near future.